Why Marked™

Picture this person in your head,  humble, modest ego, happy, quietly confident, successful... someone  that everyone likes. He comes to work on a Monday morning and everyone in the office can't wait for him to get there because they know that he just had a great weekend. He always does. He's a good story teller. He carries the weekend beard well past Monday morning and it's okay because on him, it looks good.

He drove into work in his '96 Range Rover, the one he's had for 17 years. He keeps this truck going because he loves it so much. He can afford a new one but why, the one he has works just fine. His style is that of a cross between Indiana Jones and Tom Ford.

Keeping in mind his passion for adventure and his unique sense of style, tomorrow his ride might be his Harley Davidson and his style might be skinny jeans. Yes, I just said skinny jeans and Harley Davidson in the same sentence. Marked™ gives its wearer permission to disregard the gaps between what you want to be and what you think you should be.

Unique. Original and Made in America. Marked