Makers Coalition


The Makers Coalition

We are a coalition of businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and service providers coming together to build a trained cut and sew industry for the Upper Midwest.  We know from our collective experiences that there is a reshoring trend occurring in America.  Therefore, we want to ensure the businesses that need high quality cut and sewing industrial production have the talent they need to grow.


Marked Leather and The Makers Coalition

Scott Loeser and Rhea O'Connor were members of the first graduating class.  During the course they realized that they both had a passion for working with leather and for being part of a movement to bring back manufacturing to America. They also got along really well so they decided to join forces and start a business.

In addition to creating beautiful hand cut leather goods that are made in America they both work to help promote the Makers Coalition and spread the word about this exciting and important initiative that started here in Minnesota.