How to Start a Made in America Business

Scott and I have been working together since August 2013 and so far we are fortunate to say that we've had our share of success, hit some milestones, made connections and importantly have made sales.

So far things are moving in the right direction. The one thing that we don't ever claim is that we have it all worked out, that we know all the answers. We are not only new to starting up a small business, but also starting a business that  is made in America.

There are challenges and unknowns that we face as we are starting out.

We have questions about:

  • where to manufacture
  • who to hire
  • sourcing American made materials
  • buying/investing in equipment
  • how to work out costs
  • managing logistics
  • growing our brand
  • designing/developing new products
  • how to scale

We wanted to share our story with you as we grow. We have been fortunate to receive advice and support from some very smart and experience people and we'd love to share that with you.

Our hope is that we can help other people who are thinking of starting a made in America business take the leap.

There will be a series of blog posts that will feature advice we've received, links to resources that we've found helpful and stories from what we've learned.

We hope you find it useful - if there are topics you'd like us to cover please leave us comments.



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