Marked announced first place winner of second-annual FedEx Small Business Grant Contest!


Thanks to all the support and positive encouragement we received from our friends and family we're very happy to share that our small business was named as one of the five first place winners! We won a $5,000.00 grant and we are over the moon with gratitude and excitement.

We feel very proud to be a part of a dynamic list of small businesses and we encourage you to check them out and support them on their social media networks and by making a purchase.

We are now in the phase of planning out how we'll utilize the grant and as part of our promise we will be creating a scholarship for the Makers Coalition that will be awarded to a student to enter the Industrial Sewing program that we both graduating from at the Dunwoody Institute. 

List of winners:

Grand Prize $25,000.00:

First Place Winners $5,000.00:

 Second Place Winners $1,000.00:

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      The FedEx Small Business Grant Contest offers significant opportunity for small businesses to gain nationwide recognition, and encourages local communities to rally behind them at the same time.  Last year’s grant winner, Nicole Snow of Darn Good Yarn, said that her business has doubled since winning the grant contest and has allowed her to begin exporting as far as Australia.

      Small businesses applied for the grant by answering a few questions about their business and uploading photos to represent their story on the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest website.  During a five-week voting period, applicants asked their customers, friends and family to vote for their business.  FedEx selected the top 100 finalists based on their compelling business stories and other factors, including the number of votes received.  Round two asked the top 100 finalists to complete a short essay, which was reviewed by a FedEx committee.

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