You’re a Finalist: FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

We got the exciting news that we made it to the top 100, which was an incredible feeling. Out of 5,000 people who entered Marked was selected to keep going to the final round. 

The second phase of the competition didn't require us to get any more votes (again THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us), but to write an essay. We were asked to pick one of four questions and write  a short essay (3,000 character limit, including spaces) 

  1. Thinking back on your career, what is the milestone or moment of success that you are most proud of?
  2. What is your passion as an individual and business owner, and how is that passion reflected in your business?
  3. How did your family and friends help you get through tough times in your business journey and how did that impact you and your business?
  4. What should the role of a small business owner be in the community? How do you give back to or support your community today?

We decided to answer question number 2. We felt that our answer would give us a way to  communicate what we are passionate about as people, what we're trying to do as a business, the impact we're trying to make in the community and as members of the Made in America Movement. We will share our answer here on our blog after March 24th. 


This post from last year's winners has a lot of great information for small businesses: 

Winning ways: One year in the business life of FedEx Small Business Grant Contest recipient

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1 comment

  • Scott
    Congratulations to you and your partner on your first place win in the FedEx contest! I read your essay, and really enjoyed it. Would love your feedback on a bag for John for his May 5th birthday when you have time.
    Love the Marked products and everything they stand for. So happy your dreams have become a reality. Continued success!

    • Margie Miller