Story of Marked - Part 2


It was  3pm on Friday October 26th, 2007 and I had just been told to act calm, return to my desk and kindly stay until 5pm. I was part of an 80 person layoff and it was painful to watch the clock until it was time to pack up and go home.That was it, I was done. No more product development and no more sourcing trips to Asia. My life had just stopped. It was like on TV when the guy is on the operating table about to die. The sound cuts out except the sound of the heart monitor. The beeps get further and further apart until the finally the line goes flat.

As I was heading home and the reality of what just happened started to sink in and I started to think about what I was going to do next. I had ideas that weren’t going to come to fruition for my now former employer, so I decided to move forward on my own and develop a new product for myself. I sent an email out the product supplier that I had met in China and I told him what had happened. I asked if they would make me a leather satchel with the cattle brand front and center. I quickly sent them an email that very evening some dimensions and a rough sketch. As I hit send my heart was racing, this was it. I was going to have my bag made. They agreed and months later they presented me with what is now the Marked Satchel.

For the next five years I carried this satchel around with me. It conveniently fit my Mac Book Pro, my portfolio, cords, and plenty more. I loved it and I loved that  I was the only person on Earth with this bag. During that time many people approached me and asked me about the satchel, they were curious about the cattle brand and wanted to know where I got it. After a while it become clear that I was not the only person who loved this bag and it was time to make some more of them.


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  • Pretty neat stuff, Scott! Good luck with the biz.

    • John Roloff