The Story of Marked - Part 1

I was 27 years old and 7,500 miles from home. I was hot and exhausted from being on a ten city, 1,500 mile whirlwind sourcing trip through China. It wasn't my first time sourcing sporting equipment there, but I would have never guessed in a million years what would happen after visiting the last factory on my itinerary.

This time I decided to be a bit more adventurous and opted to stay in the factory's living quarters instead of the five star mega hotel thirty minutes away. An experience I will forever be thankful for. A big part of business is the ability to form lasting relationships. I thought this would be one way to do that.

I spent the day in the factory sourcing an assortment of canvas and leather for a new line of travel goods. For the line we were looking to use a heavy canvas as the main material, along with leather trims, bottoms and handles. I was happy and excited to show those in Minnesota what I had I found.

The more I saw during the factory the more intrigued I became. Out of sheer curiosity I had asked to see a hide’s cattle brand, since I had never seen one. The factory boss told me that he kept it in a climate controlled room and wasn't able to show me until later in the evening when the temperature cooled down. It's hot and humid in southern China, so I didn't argue.

I asked him what happens to the branded part of the hide and he told me that particular part of the hide is discarded as waste. I could not get over why  this part of the hide would not be used? To me the brand is the most unique part of the hide. 

I can't explain where my fascination with scars comes from, but I can tell you with certainty the story of every scar on my body, how I got it and when. They are tied to specific moments of time in my life that are "branded" into me. To me scars are beautiful and tell a story. I felt a strong to connection to the scars on the hides and felt an idea begin to form. I imagined the story I could tell incorporating the natural and man made marks on a cows hide.

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  • Scott we had a very long conversation on sewing commercial machines. And your ideals we talked on fb for awhile. I informed you how I had worked in a factory as supervisor of production and all the different industraul machines used in sewing. I’m happy for you Scott best of luck to you, Gods hands are on you and his hands and feet hold his scars…..

    • susan samples